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I, [livejournal.com profile] mrsroyall, do hereby solemnly swear the following:
I will not let the online wearers of the Immature Drama Panties get to me.
I will not let the real life wearers of the Immature Drama Panties get to me.
I will not let the makers of new pairs of the Immature Drama Panties get to me.
I will never let them get to me again. I will put on my prayer goggles, and tell them all "God Bless You" and walk away from them
WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH, knowing that God will take care of me no matter how much drama people try to cause me.
My friends and community lists are quite condensible if need be.
My journal is MINE.
My journal is my way to vent, rant, show off, get love, show love, be sarcastic and obnoxious, celebrate, learn, enjoy, be random, be a wife, be an angel,  be a friend, be a lover and to just be ME where I don't and should NEVER have to make any excuses for myself or my actions.
No one can take those things away from me, nor should I ever feel like they can force me away from or make me feel uncomfortable in MY DOMAIN. IN OTHER WORDS - MY JOURNAL, MY THOUGHTS, MY BUSINESS.

I hereby state that under NO circumstances shall I delete my journal, be it personal or private.
I may make a post stating that I will be away for a few days while I am having a huge problem,  but I refuse to bow those who are obviously less than me by ever erasing my domain/existence here or anywhere else.
I will always be here, be it by comments, email, messengers, phone, and even in person for some of you!
I love you all , and may God (or your chosen higher power, whoever or whatever that is) bless you! :-D

<3 I pinky swear that this will always stand true.  With love, Jaz. <3


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