May. 21st, 2007


May. 21st, 2007 11:35 am
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This is a warning to anyone that wants to friend me - I reserve the right to cut you from my friends list at ANY TIME.  I don't usually cut people unless I have a real reason to do so.

Also, don't come onto my journal using multiple names with the intention of harassing me - and don't send your friends over here, either.  I will know it's you (I've got IP tracking enabled) and I will report you to LJ for harassment and even possibly abuse. 

This is MY JOURNAL, not YOURS. I can say what I want to, put thoughts about whatever I want to here, and post things of any nature that I want to. If what I post bothers you, don't look at it.  I have the right to cut people from my friends list WHERE I SEE FIT, without letting that person defend themselves and WITHOUT HARASSMENT from those I cut off. 

If I don't like what you post in your journal - ESPECIALLY IF IT IS AN INSULT TO SOMETHING I BELIEVE IN,  I generally tend to ignore it. However, when you generalize about a religion and claim that everyone in it is the same and proclaim that the book used by its believers is just "a magazine", then I cannot put up with that. Sorry!

To my friends that are still here: THIS IS NOT AN LJ FRIENDS LIST CUT. Those of you that are still here will remain here, because none of you have EVER disrespected me, my journal, or anything I've ever said. 


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